DoF and motion blur in fretta?

i dont know or not if this is already a Con Command but would there be any possible way to put DoF and motion blur after explosions in my fretta gamemode with an Lua file? It would be really nice to know as i am a noob when it comes to Lua scripting and im trying to make my gamemode more realistic. And one more question if there IS a way to add motion blur could it be timed like 2.5 seconds of shell shock after a close explosion?

OH! I know this won’t go along with the title but could someone give me the code for a loadout menu?

What is DoF anyway.

And yes the timer part is possible.

i dont know what it stands for but DoF i like blurring from selected points like letsay you want it to blur from 5 feet and back and thats pretty much what it is

Ohhhh, yeah yeah. Here add me to steam

My friends are currently offline but I’ll accept it when It comes back online.