Dog Fight

Hey I have been meaning to make a gamemode using planes for a long time and the announcement of the Terminal Velocity gamemode jogged my memory to remake these planes in lua.

The gamemode is very much a work in progress and I haven’t got a whole lot done but the flying mechanics are almost finished which is the main part I suppose.



This one is by StinkyJoe:


Thanks to kakis for this one:


I don’t know what is up with the log on the side of the airboat I didn’t film this must be something on the filmers end.


Mostly Freezecam stuff.

Future Plans


23.01.09 - Updated the kill rewards system players now get a proportion of money to how much damage they did, for example doing half the damage gives you 7/8 money and doing all of it gives you 15.

The Team

Currently it is just me who is coding.

Scooby is hosting for me and doing the mysql.

I have 2 modellers BennyG who has done the radar dish and scaled down models and the flak cannon.



Up to date mapping guide

Mapping Gamemode (Visual helper)

Please go here.

Very Nice good job i can’t whait :slight_smile:

Hope there’s ammo for all weapons.

A possible plan is that you have fuel and ammo (which don’t run out very quickly) and you can refill at your base. Not sure about this though but that would allow people to land and take 5.

Nicely done.

I made a new map :smiley:

It is pretty big and has 2 simple runways with a little building next to them on opposite side of the map. One team spawns at one runway and the other at the other runway.

I am thinking of having it so you have to destroy the other bases generator or something like that to win.

As well as having AA cannons that are AI controlled and maybe have them human controlled when you are dead.

It should be a turret that faces one way at least. A gun that can spin around is just boring. Adding it so they have to turn and face the enemy will make the dogfights more interesting and longer. Adding homing missiles will make the gameplay pretty bland too, but if you give them like 1 or 2 and they do like 50% damage each then it should make it interesting.

Making AA guns that are AI controlled wouldn’t be to much fun, because it would add to the overall gameplay if they had to defend their base AND attack the enemy base. If you were to add, oh say AI controlled tanks that would go to the enemy base and would need to be bombed it would add to the fun.

As for the planes it would be interesting to have a few different types like Bombers, Dogfighters, Escort, etc… Destroyable bases would also be a plus, which could include things like 20 hangars to a base, each destructible and the objective would be to destroy the hangars and AA guns. There could also be like generators that would lower spawn time if destroyed, or ammo depots which would give more ammo on spawn, so they would want to take this out.

These are just suggestions, you don’t need to take them into consideration or anything. Also if you are looking for any help in mapping then you can PM me.

I love it! i can’t wait to use it =D, I hope it soon done :slight_smile:

I am Pvt.Pinapple :D! I so want this so so much i want it!


> New map pictures.

> Bots :smiley:

> New chat box/messaging system




Round those speed values for god’s sake, it’s like pi! :v:

It is a debug message I have so it won’t be seen in the full gamemode.

Looks pretty good for a debug message :v:

It was for me to tune how much damage you should take from crashing. It tells me how fast each collision is and If I think that should have done damage I readjust it.


First you Make Onslaught envolved i think its Whas a Hit

And Now this gamemod You are very Good to make Gamemods and Lua

I Hope You Make Many More Gamemods :slight_smile:

Let Us Capitalize Every Word In This Sentence :downs:

Looks good so far though.

At first I saw the title and I was like,
“Yes! I wanna fight as a poodle!”
Then I clicked and I was like,


Dog fight is very different.

Wow you corrected me twice in two different threads!

“Wait, what’s this thread about?”