Dog Fight

Hello, it is me again and this thread is to show my friend’s plane that use GCX or GDC (i forgot) which Nodexians used in a dog fight. Which was extremely fun. =D

In this video the fighters are
L!v3Phase (these are his planes)

THANK YOU GUYS. It was a pleasure fighting you guys.
And also Pac was kicking some ass. :confused:

                             [View YouTUBE video](             

     Video is still being processed so have some fun!

I like. Well done.

I love ACF dogfights. Kills are so satisfying.

This seems worth trying out though, I must say.

Nicely done.

Dog fights are always awesome

inspires me to hook some gcx on to my so far unposted fin controlled inetrecpter.

LOL, this was just one of many dog fights we had that day. But this is longest one, the full video was 20 minutes long!

damn I wish I was there but ye its sweet to be gunner in that thing :buddy:


I would love to have a dogfight at some point, but I can’t make planes worth shit.

Sooooo epic :smiley: I do want

I liked the video ,but it somewhat urked me you never unloaded onto the guy when you had a perfect firing chance.

I believe the proper term for this would be a furball or something. The planes are very nicely done, and if you get four of them flying around smoothly like that, it says a lot about the construction. Rated tool.

Ye, you can have 7 of these on and it wont lag

True, you can thank Livey.