Dog Gibs

the gibs of dog are quite interesting in my opinion and i think it would be kinda cool to make mechs out of them. (rearrange the models, add seats, etc) i dont ask for any credit making them (thanks, maybe?) and think that people would greatly appreciate the models in use for any kind of server. thank you.

Actually this could be kinda cool.
Question is,
Is it possible?

i THINK so (lol, on an un-related side note, how do i use underlining in my text?) i dont see why it wouldnt be possible (or italics)

although, alot of dog seems to be rope. it might prove difficult to distinguish between rope and models.

[noparse]underlined text italic text bold text[/noparse]

Show up as: underlined text italic text bold text

Although I’d worry about being able to write properly before worrying about cool effects. People here respond more to elegant words than to fancy formatting.

what, like not using “lol”? or capitalization? and anyone willing to try this dog gib idea?

(also, if someone could give me the list of programs for making models for the source engine)

I came in here expecting to be horrified.

lol ^^

i know this sounds impatient but does anyone, not necessarily modelers, even find this idea interesting

no one?

Good God, quit bumping this. If someone’s interested, they’ll come in and say so. Go play Farmville or something.

i take it your one of the people who voted for zynga as best developer. and here i was thinking anyone who knew how to type would vote for valve.

I think you need to keep your hands away from the keyboard for a few days.