Dog punishing a CP

alternate angle

These are my first posted screenshots. I don’t expect or even want you to lie to me because of that, but on the contrary, I want to know if they’re any good at all.

I would’ve posed in another map, but 1. I started this while just fooling around in construct and it turned out rather good IMHO, and 2. I don’t know which maps are good for posting and want to find out if I’m any good at all before starting to test maps.

1:NO GM_CONSTRUCT…this map sucks for posing or making comics or whatever.I suggest you to download maps in the mapping section of this site
2:The posing isn’t too bad for a first try but you still have some improvements on that
3:Graphics…well in your case it’s not a problem,everything is maxed out (i think).

those are the basics.
I suggest you to download some custom models,maps and other stuff right here from Facepunch.
And if you have Photoshop, try using it to edit your pictures. Use some tutorials if it’s too hard.

hope i helped.

You did, thanks.

I know gm_construct is a taboo, and for a reason. I did explain it out in this case though… meh, excuses :stuck_out_tongue:

What maps would you suggest? And is using HL2 maps and stuff nooby (or mingebag, whatever it’s called here) too? HL2 and ep’s really are the games I know about, and for now I can’t think of much else to pose about but things got to do with games, so that’d mean I’m fucked right?

Oh and yeah, graphics are maxed out, except for shadow quality, thought it didn’t matter… until I saw how the hook shadow showed separately from dog’s…

I remember the time when I sinned against people’s eyes, and used gm_construct.
At least you seem to have a computer that doesn’t shit itself when you have yout graphics on high.
And oddly enough, your pic isn’t annoying compared to other people’s “First time posts.”

I did read the stickied thread, ffs, I know construct maps, unless scenebuilt, are frowned upon to say the least, but I’m not trying to defend my screenshot about that. I want to hear about better maps, if there is anything more to say than “just take what you like from the hundreds of custom maps posted” or “load through the several sections of all several dozen HL2 maps to find a good setting before even starting to pose”

If there is not, I’ll have to do that, but that’s what I’m asking.

Everybody said what I was gonna say.

Use zoom when taking pictures.

well actually no any hl2 or hldm or episode 1 or any other source game map is perfect.
Still there are nice custom maps like Gm_Atomic or Rp_Cscdesert that can make good places.

I did, but since dog is pretty big and I had to also fit the cp in the picture for it to make much sense, I couldn’t zoom in all that much.

Or are you saying it’s better for some reason to zoom from further away than to zoom less from closer?

Thanks for the tips, will be sure to download those when I’ve done some more posing, but in proper maps.

Gm_construct for poses is a no no.

That would have been hilarious and popular in 2004


oh look at me i just want more posts

Well keep trying pal, everything that has needed to be said has been said. Just keep working on your own personal style and try not to be too generic.