Dog Rider in the Sky - PETA Propaganda

It came to me in a dream, deeply rooted into the PETA dream, prosperity for all animals, and damnation to all humans who harm animals. We see this brave PETA fight righting Rocko the Rocket Rover into the unknown world of meat products. Vegetarians beware.

PETA propoganda? a 160+ pound guy riding a 90 pound dog? that’s animal abuse. PETA would go apeshit

You’re a sharp one.

Peta kick some animals in the nuts and film it to show videos on the web and say “HEY LOOK SOME FUCKING CHINESE DID THAT GIVE US MUNNY TO KICK THEM IN TEH NUTZ” and get shitloads of money sent by ugly american MILF’s.

That’s so fucking genius.

Edit : I say “fuck” a lot. Hmmmm.