DOG Shoot's a Dart

I was bored so I did this. Im still working on my posing people so dont go harsh on me yet. Well here’s the comic.

DOG : Aim Aim…


Breen : I can make this jump. I can make this jump!



Ouch! If you saw that coming write in your post “Im smart”.

Dog : YAY!!! I am the Champion!


Try not to flame Im slowly getting better. Like in my other thread tell me what to improve on (beside’s posing.)

If this belongs in the comic forum’s a moderator will move it so yeah What to improve on and a rate.

“Im smart.” Sorry, but the posing was bad. 3/10 because it wasnt the worst ive seen and you actually tried, not just slippy slappied something together…

Itleast somebody replied like I said im constantly getting better so notice improvements in Screenshot’s im posting tomorrow.

Edit ; Spawning a NPC really helps.

EDIT 2 : Sweet I posed a combine with a pistol!

Expect better stuff later.

(Im just happy Im 10x better then Fryboy.

EDIt 3 : Night people.

yeah, good try if your learning, im still working on getting my posing perfect too, but, um, can anyone tell me how to put the pics, oh never mind, wrong post…

Well anyway use im off to try harder again on another map besides construct.

And use the camera, it makes your shots look less noobish.

yes, the posing isn’t really that good, and use the camera and not screenshot.

For the posing, here’s a few pointers:
Start by picking them up by either the head or chest (i use the head, it’s a BIT easier, but adds an extra step), and lift the body up until the feet are touching the ground and the knees are bending only slightly, only slightly. Freeze. Take the foot. Put it flat on the ground in the position you want. Freeze. Take the knee and pose it to the angle of choice. Freeze. Repeat for other leg. Then, check to see if your character’s butt is seriously sticking out. (It probably is). If it is, go around, grab the character around the crotch area, hold use, and press your back key. Freeze. Go look again. Repeat until the butt is normal. Next, position the chest to where it needs to be. You may have to move the lower stomach area to make the model not twisted a bit (this happens a lot with G-Man and Alyx). Next, position the arms, starting with the upper arm, lower arm, then hand in that order (make sure to compensate for the briefcase if you use G-Man!!). Next, unfreeze the head and reposition it. Then use eye poser so that he’s looking where he needs to. Afterwards, tweak the face a bit. Make sure you don’t overdo it. Next, tweak lighting and such to fit your scene, throw in a few finishing touches, and take your picture with the camera function! Yes, it does take quite a while, but patience is the key. I’ve had to redo entire poses because something got out of place and was unfixable.

Oh, and for dog, do what I basically told you, but start with the large back part of the body, not the head.
Oh, and I apologize for bad grammar/spelling if there is any, but I’m quite tired.

i loled

You need to stop bumping old threads dude. It ticks people off.

Good thing he won’t because he’s perma’d.