Doge Gun!

This is my first addon edit release so sorry for the derpyness! The other day I wanted to make a doge gun (Don’t question me) so I started off with robotboy655’s nyan gun. Then I edited the models and the sounds and a tiny bit of the lua and this is the outcome . Here is a picture of the normal shot: . Shotgun shot: . Lastly, the bomb shot: . Credit to Robotboy655, PFS|Pancakesforever (me), blakedane, and code_gs for helping me learn to put it on the workshop. Much Thanks. Such Fun . Much Wow.

Meh, why not

is that an edited nyan gun?

Yeah it is

congrats on not actually doing anything

why the fuck would you even make this

Edgy as fuck

Fucking amazing. 11/10. There’s no reason for any other addons to exist now that this has appeared as a Christmas miracle.

Lol jeez at least some people will find this gun fun besides most of the gmod community is younger and like meme’s :stuck_out_tongue: . It’s not like I’m a lua coder and this was my first time doing anything like this I just did this for the laughs not really to be some kind of amazing gun anyways.

Wow, what an innovative, amazing addon. Really fucking good. 420/420. Thankyou for making Christmas amazing.

As long as you learnt something from making this OP, then I am happy for you.

Such suggestion: Change the images from gyazo, they get deleted overtime

Anyways like what NiandraLades said, as long as you learned something then we #suchproud

Problem with facepunch, no appreciation… even though you took it from someone you’re trying to learn and i hope you have learnt… but most of all thank you for doing this and taking time out of your life to upload to the workshop and facepunch sorry these people are ungratefull enough to atleast appreciate what you have done, thank you.

Dumb ratings inbound “#hatersgonnahate

Hey! We took the time to actually visit the thread and rate the guy dumb for his addon, that should give him an idea of what we don’t want! So the next time you talk about us and lack of ungrateful, look at those dumbs, look at them and remember the effort…

Woah, you took time to click a button? dude you should make like a blog and write a 10 page story on how you clicked a button, and he must feel so welcomed to post more with the warm welcoming dumb rating, that is what has put me off of releasing things as of it’s shit to put in effort and get dumb ratings back… he’s attempting to help the community and your making him feel like shit… and didn’t really mean to stereotype all of Facepunch as there are some decents out there.

I think I’m most worried about this phrase than any other part of his post.

this is true

There’s a reason you don’t want to release anything you make while learning. Because it’s mostly edited/copypasted-together shit. You didn’t saw me re-releasing an edited version of iron-man swep (but I actually learned a lot while tinkering with it).

How do you make this weapon not have unlimited ammo and need to collect ammo to fire? Iv’e been looking through the code to no avail. :stuck_out_tongue:

He could improve.