Dogfight is back!

That’s right, the original Dogfight is back, and it’s actually official.
After talking to LaKraven for a while we have got permission to host the original gamemode. Seeing as Conman has now made a arcade version of Dogfight we are re-branding this as Dogfight classic, but we might change that later.

Conman420 and LaKraven - Coding the original gamemode.
Snakedoctor and Portalcake - Getting permission from LaKraven to host the gamemode.
The Liquid Game team - Supporting the community and everything else!

What the fuck is Dogfight? Well here’s some media to explain:


Future Plans:
Currently future plans are in the very early stage. We are planning on integrating dogfight with our new server integration system which will involve things such as global currency, global and server specific achievements, sever to server chat, extra donator benefits and much more. We are also planning on enhancing Dogfight, perhaps turning it into Dogfight: Enhanced like our other gamemode Pirate Ship Wars: Enhanced.

The server:
The server costs quite a lot, so donations are appreciated.

Our website and forums:

Note: This this belongs in the gamemode section because we will make some changes to the gamemode, and it won’t get noticed in there.

Anyway, have fun guys!

this is good

Looks pretty interesting, I’ll hop on tomorrow.

Always loved dogfighting. :smiley:

Glad someone picked this up, I was sad when conman dropped the idea, but I stress your first priority should be fixing the plane physics, it was all wrong. Later incarnations of Dogfight have fixed this and I don’t see how this will differ from the current dogfight if you do fix the plane physics but that’s up to you which you take the project in.

I will try this.

so what happend ?

Barely anyone played it and we didn’t get enough donations to continue hosting that specific server.

That’s a real shame - Looked like a lot of fun. I understand how that goes though…

Persuade someone with a server to put this on =)

Well if our gamemode Devinity is successful enough we will use surplus donations to host this probably/

Was the code ever released? I’d love to take a look at the way some things were done, and it would certainly generate interest in the game mode.

could anyone please revive this?

My hopes skyrocketed suddenly when I read this threads title.

Fuck you man, fuck you.