DogMeat follower v1

Hey guys i had been devoloping a dog follower from fallout 3 and i been getting lots of errors but recently i have fixedhim up here he is

Workshop link :

•Follows you
•Protects you from everyone

Thanks for viewing

Credits model some guy
base piratekitty

What do you guys think

this actually looks pretty cool

good job

Im going to be releasing it on the workshop soon for the public to use :smiley:

Can we see a video?

i can’t upload vids my internet and pc is really bad

Looks cool, I remember an old dog follower off a bit like this, look forward to the release.

Watch as at least one darkrp server will have this.

and it will require a $10 donation

its now been released

What gamemodes does it work on?

You’re welcome for the help. :slight_smile:

your a god damn artist.

you guys find any bugs

what gamemodes does this work on?

didn’t piratecatty’s base steal code from somebody else?