Could you add dogs to the game ?
Most games nowadays have dogs : Grand Theft auto 5 has dogs, Call of duty will have dogs

This is the new trend in gaming : dogs. If you don’t add dogs to the game, the game will probably fail in the future.
You could add some kind of zombie dog like this :

This would be really cool !
Also, make it possible to tame them, so they can follow players and defend them. (You could set your pet to aggressive/defend/neutral)


The taming part would be cool. Where you could put an antidote of some sort on dead/mutant animals. And make them tamed. Maybe like sheep or cow where you can get wool/cloth from the sheep if you use a shear on them. Maybe milk the cow and rise your hunger bar.

the last one is nice!

Third and last one look so awesome, would love that :smiley:
Third one being a mutated dog might be pretty easy to put in-game because of the radiation zones.
The last one… It just looks so awesome, but, maybe changing the metal parts to meaty ones, as it would be weird to see a robotic-dog, still awesome :stuck_out_tongue:

are you really saying that this game will not succeed if it does not have dogs? its already succsesfull as shit!
and are you really comparing this to CoD? nobody over 12years old gives a shit about that fucking recyceled game. they already have wolves, i really hope you do not have a key, becuase i dont ever want to meet you in game!

We already have dogs in the game.

if all other games have dogs, we should have cats… :rolleyes:

Please leave, we dont need people in rust that believe we need features like in GTA or CoD.

I think the taming idea is silly. But something besides a normal wolf would be a cool replacement. A rad-wolf, a zombie wolf, or even just some kinda of wolflike monster?

Aren’t these wolfes? I never saw any dog in the game

in future they could add so animals spawning close/in radiation area would have been effected in some way.

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Depending how you look at it, dogs and wolfs are the same, since a wolf is a wild dog.

they look more like resident evil dogs

If you could tame them I would send an army of them to someones base

Rust has Wolves , Call of Duty dont have wolves, Grand Theft Auto 5 dont have wolves.

Garry needs to hire you

Are wolves too far from dogs?

Wolves are dogs, genius.

i think its stupid to argue the point, we know what we mean when we say wolves/dogs. So its silly this argument even started…
BUT i think technically all dogs are wolves but wolves arent dogs…
Just considering all that dogs are is domesticated wolves. They have been bred so much that they are now their own species.
Just look at their scientific names
Dog: Canis lupus familiaris
Wolf: Canis lupus

Huh, gaaaaaaay

Wolves are ok, i like the random hostile mob factor, but zombie dogs? Thats dumb :l

Electric fence, cattle prod, and a shock collar you can put on bears. Nuff said