Doing a section in Proplist (Q-Browse Menu)

Hi, If any of you know floodmod then you’ll probabily know that in props/weapons there are sections such as:
–Wooden Props–
Table, Chair, Wooden Box.

–Plastic Props–
Blue Barrel, Vending Machine.

–Metal Props–
Steel Beam, Metal Fence.

and so on…

and the same for the weapon list:

Glock, Desert Eagle, Elite.

MP5, SMG1 (from HL2).

and so on…
I hope you know what I mean and could help me by giving me a lua thingy that would seperate my props, because right now they’re all together mixed which I don’t want.

I am noob at lua and I only know some basic things and I try searching how to do this but I couldnt find…
-Don’t hate me that am noob if this is really easy to do lol.

Here is a picture of what I mean:


You can make your own spawn menus in game. It’s quite easy, you’ll figure it out when trying to right click on the Q menu.

I don’t think you understood what I meant. I’ve found a picture that will show what I mean:

See it? Wood Section, Plastic Section, Metal Section,

Here, look at this.

Can you please take a look at a picture or what I wrote? You’re off topic.

spawnmenu.AddPropCategory( strName, tabContents )


No problem. Post in the questions subforum next time.