Doing Fallout 3 Skins

That’s right, if you have a skin for an already-ported model from fallout 3 just post a link to the .dds file and i’ll convert AND Hex it to the ported models for GMod


NOTE: I am currently working on a Feral Ghoul pack so i won't immediately do yours, however i will do them after i've done the feral pack

Nobody wants any?

lol oh btw what u mean skins, just retexturing them or what?

I think he means hes going to make player models

He means skins ported from Fallout 3 for existing Fallout 3 models, i think, which he will then hex onto said models.

Spirit nailed it

Errrrrrr Armored Vault 101 Jump Suit :stuck_out_tongue:

That is not a skin, that is a different model. It has it’s own skin, but the skin is a ragged up torn vault suit. The model has armor attached to it.