"Doing some stuff for poses..."



Little dragon :3

Good use of gm_construct, I like it :buddy:

Mini dragon :keke:
Where’d you get it?

Nice pose, construct fits somehow

OmG cuntract Get Uot!

Nice work though man, i lol’d…

hehe awesome job :smiley:


dark messiah multiplayer models, its the dragon from the skybox.

if I am not mistaken


this is what all my poses turn into now a days


Also, dragon is sky(box) paokai from Dark Messiah.


Awww, it’s so cute!

WHAT’S GOIN ON!?!!?! I like the feel of it.

Yes right you are, plus that is good use of basic map. Is he welding though?

i mean i just end up spawning random shit and don’t get anything done

Also, nice skin on the hunter.
I might try one thanks to you.

Awwww the tiny dragon. I want one!

yeah, dystopia corp helmet to neotokyo NSF soldier body…
you cna see his head somewhere near :stuck_out_tongue:

So do I. If you find a breeder, give me their number!

I like the feel of this. Most of my poses deteriorate into this type of thing at some point or another.

great job.

what prop is holding the lap top?

You look so cute on that pic.