Doktor zACBRu's gallery

Ho hai FP! I think it’s now time to make my own thread because I bought Garry’s mod 1 year ago!

Now, I’m a good poser 8), but I suck to edit my screenshot, but i try!

So this is my gallery, enjoy :

First mah face:

FYI, I’m french, so aim sorree four maï fwrench accent!


Epic playlist you should listen when watching this thread! :3


Your White flag does not stop American bullets.

Seriously, I like your stuff though.

Agree, tks to England who save us again.

Screenshot #4 is the best, in my opinion.

I like all of your stuff!

you really improved! i really like your killing floor pics the most

Love them, what model is that head on the female marine from.

jessica cannon :slight_smile:

Everything is pretty cool and all i like your stuff.

edited with new stuff:


I love all of it.

I like most of it. The only objection is the tf2 pose in the hl2 map. They don’t really blend together well since hl2 is not cartooney.

May/June new screenshots

Hahah @ gordon rushing towards elis/alyx.

None of these are epic or anything, but all are still FAR above average and I don’t see any bad ones. Nice job, keep it up.

I also like the fact that most of them look really good without superb editing or lighting.

I sux with GIMP, and i don’t have the time to learn to handle it, so I try to do my best with the ingame effects.

Nice shit yo. :golfclap:

The freeman one is hilarious :slight_smile:

I can’t believe I missed your thread before, these are beautiful.

The one of the soldier’s ghost is a really nice idea and really well executed, I’d trade every single generic action pose this site has seen for just a few more like that.

^^ What he said.


Also your RL face makes me lol