Dom Santiago of Gears of War

I’ve seen Marcus, Baird, Kim, Carmine, and various locusts but I’ve yet to see a ragdoll for Dom.
Does anyone know where to find a ragdoll for him? Or can anyone make it?

Buddy, I’ve already requested that ragdoll plus some extra ragdolls…

I may be able to get the Gears of War 1 model?

Dude, Shadow if you can… That would be awesome… will you post it here or on the release thread or both???

I may be able to gte the model, but i cant rig or stuff

But at least its a start?

true, It’ll definitely get the ball rolling…

And that was a maybe. Gears of War runs off the Unreal Engine, right?

Does it come with Unrealed? Like Republic Commando did?

Unrealed? If that mean that the models are shaded with the Unreal Engine… then yes… if not… which I don’t know what that means… Then can’t tell you, and I’m basing this off what other people have said like the people who did the COG or the people who the Marcus Fenix pack pack on

Unrealed is the Editor for pretty much anything in the Unreal engine. Its used to make maps, models, etc.

If Gears of War has an unrealed, or is compatible with one, then i can get the model.

I’m sure it is, thus I’m sure you can… Personally, I’ve tried several times to do some kind of modelling or porting… but I just don’t have the computer know how nor the patience to do it…


but hey If you can check my thread I mentioned… I have some other models I would like rigged or whatever… If you could do it???

This all depends if i can. if i can, ill gladly get the models

Use Umodel its much better for ripping Unreal models thatn Unreal Ed (seeing as Unreal Ed only seems to let you port stuff in, and only if you know exactly how).

That doesnt seem to work. It has all the textures, but when i try to view a model, it doesnt show up.

Hmm… weird, where are you getting the model?

Off my installation of Gears.

Weird… Well…Hmm… i don’t know…


what are you using for the model viewer or whatever?

The one mentioned above, UModel

how do you install it?

Click the Link above, it has the exe and stuff

I know, I just can’t figure out how to install it