Dominance Gaming..not very dominant

A wise man said build and they will come, but was the wiseman really acting wise. I’ve built it… maybe I used the wrong bricks. because my server seems more like a bad John Cena movie then a dominant Hannah Montana: The Movie 3D. Thats why I have come to you Facepunch…home of the brave! So that I could possible form some time of players for my server. I don’t care if you just want to come on and tell how much I suck…because I love you for getting my server some pop. I must go now my friends Duty calls.

Trouble in Terrorist Town 18 slots

Just joined earlier. Server has some lag issues, but it’s stable and fun to play on.

Yeah I noticed that. I haven’t had that before… My server host is really sucking big time when I need them most.

What type of TTT?

Vanilla or with custom content?

Custom Content…(Insert Comment about Custom Content Fail) haha.