Domofreaks fretta server

I have a small deathrun server, its nothing big, but it has fastdl, and around 15 maps. it has admins that are on most of the time, but im pratically always checking the server console to make sure no one is causing problems. if they do, i will join and investigate. I would really appreciate more players, feel free to come by anytime.

Boycot this server, he’s running it off of our router.

im sorry, do i know you?

Please elaborate?

Anyways, I may check it out soon, nothing that makes you stand out, IMO.

thats the thing, there isnt anything that makes the server stand out. it actually keeps it rather idiot-free, which i find to be rather nice.

Oh shit this is the server from the " My brothers server is wrecking the internet" thread.

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Nice try by the way

Oh, you guys again.

Though, If the server actually stays up, I might join.
Fretta Is always some good fun.

-snip- me being fucking retarded

Stop faking. I was considering joining but then I saw this.

Jeez maybe you should get a server host? They’re not that expensive…