DONALD DUCK | Rust Let's Play Ep3

I can’t believe it. He’s alive.

Donald Duck survived the nuclear fallout.

Holy fucking shit. I don’t think I’ve laughed so goddamn hard in ages. That was fucking HILARIOUS. Bahahahahaha.

+1 for the goddamn hysterical laughter on my end. Holy Jesus my cheeks hurt.

I thought it was funny as well…but I really do think he watches you sleep and that’s well creepy.

That was a lot funnier than I expected.

+1 & subbed. (:

My friend showed you to me, watched every other episode +1

Thanks so much for the replies everyone! Glad you all liked it.

This is great, i always lurk the forums to see when you’ve posted a new episode. Welldone once again! Donald is great aswell.

Pretty funny, need to be longer though. :wink:

I should probably try to contact that guy :rolleyes:

Ive seen him on a few times but through the night. What i do know is hes English, so same time zone, and he can actually type in English so no interpreter should be needed . :dance:

He must have been practising the impression for a long time.

Either that or he really is Donald Duck :open_mouth: heheh

Funny, nice one : ).
My name is Jarmenkell, what do you think I do in the game?

You voice act that general from Command & Conquer? Thats the only result I found when searching that name.

lmfao. I voice act as Smeagle a lot or I tend to act like Hank Hill or Cleveland because it’s fun. People don’t expect it and generally don’t attempt to kill me when I act stupid like that.

LOL. I want to see this. Add me on steam:

Request sent.

I think we all need more of this.
Your Rust videos are great!

Annnd… the UK servers crashed. Lets try again today.

Was fun meeting you both. Hope our server is back soon!