Donation addon for DarkRp?

I have a dark rp server set up and we have donator rank and we wanted to know is there a addon where when someone donates via paypal they get some sort of code which they enter in game which would change their rank to donator? Or maybe when someone donates it would ask for their steam id and automatically make them donator if there is a addon please give me a link or the name of it

There isn’t an addon avaliable to do this as far as I know. It would also be very difficult to set up because you’d need code in a lot of different places to get to work.

Your best bet would be to go to the Lua Scripter Hirer/Recuitment Thread ( and pay someone to do it for you, but it’s unlikely that anyone would be able to do it. The combination of lua, HTML and whatever else is required is very time consuming and probably very costly on your end.

I read in a thread requesting something similar that it may be possible to do this with the paypal development kit they have on the site. You’d probably also need a mysql database to get this working.


It’s called Paypal IPN (Instant payment notification). Listen to Zyler, hire a developer.