Donation Rank System

Recently, I made a Garrys Mod TTT server, but I cant run it on my own, so I have been trying to set up a donation system.
But, considering I cant code for shit, I was wondering if I could get help. My website in on enjin, and what I want is so the person donates $5 to my paypal, and it automaticly makes them the ulx donator rank, could someone help me with this?


Sounds like quite a bit of work with PHP/otherwise and lua for it to be automatic.
I don’t think this is the right section for hiring someone out to do that coding for you :v:, this is for coding help and you’d have to learn lua first to get advice here.

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I don’t come here often, whoops I missed the obvious. There’s a lua recruitment/hire thread on this forums front page you could use.

could there be some kind of key generator?and u like redeem the code

Robanator, no. I have asked a coder that is really great at what he does and he told me it’d cost about $50. Just take the time to manually add them until you get your server together, and you have a steady stream of donations before you consider doing it because, well… It’s necessary.