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PlayRedox was founded by two Rust players who grew tired of servers with inactive admins, admin abuse, and poor performance. We have many exciting plans for the server and the community including in-game events and rewards, continued custom plugin development, and much more. We are mature gamer’s that work “9-5” type jobs, and in our free type love to play rust. We have scripted our own plugins, and plan to script many more that other servers don’t have, release them and add them if we think they will benefit gameplay!

Redox Pledge:
No admin can give themselves an unfair advantage over another player (unless its properly earned, or farmed). Admins serve to moderate the server, hold events, and ban hackers.

net.connect us1.playredox.com:28075

Donation Store

This is your chance to be able to help the server become better while receiving rewards for helping us! You could build your house the EXACT way you want without having to farm for 6+ hours! and craft for 2+ hours!

Money from the donation store goes to pay hosting (Rust, web, store) costs, continued development of **custom** plugins, allowing us to put up more PlayRedox Rust servers, maintaining our active admins, and more.

**The service is fully automated, so once you donate, you can claim your reward within 5-10 minutes!**

*More Infomation at www.playredox.com !*

Active Admins
PlayRedox admins are there to ban cheaters, hold server wide events, and provide community support.

No Admin Abuse - PERIOD.
We utilize Oxmin to limit the permissions of admins to only have kick and ban capabilities.

Server Features:
Air Drops (10 player minimum)
Door sharing/Teleport
Group Chat

Server Plugins
We love everything Rust has to offer and we want the player’s experience to be the best. Therefore, we utilize a few server plugins for maximize fun and game-play.

PlayRedox plugins: PlayRedox Delivery, Stats (coming soon)
Third-party plugins: Oxide, Door Sharing

We are open to plugin suggestions! We have a couple in the works including statistics mod (when more hooks are introduced), and a few other fun ones :slight_smile: