Donation System/Chat Tags

Hello. I been to other servers and they have some kinda donation system. With some kinda cool tags. I was wounding if you people can make me one please connecting to this donation page;

Here is how i want it please, I’m gonna have two different kinda donation packages. And a respected thing (Don’t have to be donated for it)

First Donation Package:
V.I.P Member: 15$

  • Unlimited reserved slots
  • Prop limit of 90
  • Ability to spawn jeeps/airboats
  • Uclip (IN ADDONS)
  • Get To Use Blocked Tools

Second Donation Package:
Gold Member: 10$

  • Unlimited reserved slots
  • Prop limit of 70
  • Ability to spawn jeeps/airboats
  • Get To Use Blocked Tools

Respect (Dont need to donate admins hand out):

  • Prop limit of 40
  • Some others not in mind yet.

Chat Tags:
Superadmin =
Admin =
Respected =
Dead =
Gold Member =
V.I.P Member =

Please and thank you :smiley:

I pay 10$

People have to donate a minimum amount of $10.00


Therefore your package 2 wont work.

Mod your forum software and create/mod your own administrative mod. Include Forum User Group to be linked to Server Admin/Vip. PERP2 does this btw.

Quess i will bump that up to 10 Gold Member :wink:


See idk how do that. So i suggesting i pay someone do it for me. :wink:



How much you paying?


So anyone want my money? If you want more money just tell me :wink: we can work out some other amount of money :smiley:

So anyone can do it? I had out a free server :smiley:

Can some aleast do chat tags for me?

Download Evolve, it includes chat tags by ranks

I gave them a try for a day. Its not very good. I rather stay with ulx.

This is probably too much of a pain in the ass for 10 measly dollars. You’s have to recode the chatbox then you’d have to do all the forum related stuff.