i would like to know a donation script, One that people can donate to and it send them benefits on the server thank u very much
EX:the player donates on the serv and he reseves wat he donated for directly or like i said on the line upper to this one thanks :slight_smile:

This has been done thousands of times before. If you’d have posted in the right section, you might even get something by someone.

This is the right section *now * Freze. Have a box.

skull is right its a lua script im am in the right section

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ill pay 50 bux for who can give me the script

There used to be a sub forum called Questions and another called Requests. He meant you should have posted in there, problem is they dont exist anymore.

ah i see

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where should i post it then?

Here. You’re fine where you’re at

thanks skull would u have any idea about the script could u help me?

Yeah someone asked this before… i got the thread saved on my computer… but as you can see… im on my phone and not at home

its cool but if u have the time when u get to yur pc plz send me the thread i would be very grateful thanks skull :slight_smile:

Do I get 50 bucks? :slight_smile:

i dont want to lie in anyway to u uve been super honest and awsome and i dont want to throw tht away either so no i was kidding about the cash is tht ok…

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but u can get 30 bucks

well in that case i guess ill be learnin some HTML… cuz the one i know of isnt just a copy paste setup…

i see i know a bit about html check my latest work here:

Bah. Was alot more web-based than I remembered… anyway: here

You’ll need to download the Steam Condenser script and use that to send shit to your server.

i love u thanks skull