Donation system not working?

Ive set an auto donate system up and its not working. If i go to my sql put my steam id and put the rank in
1 <---- rank
i leave and rejoin server and im still not the “Vip” rank I should be!?

What addon are you using? If you’re using a CoderHire one please contact the author.

There’s really no possible way you can get help when you do not provide more information than “doesn’t work”.

Can someone skype me so i can explain to them easier? Anyone who knows about setting this up CORRECTLY!
Skype: skate4time

If you can’t take the time to read and type nobody is gonna take the time to help you.

Right i set up the Database and filled in the information for all the php files like the name of the data base password etc but when I want to test to see if it works in game by going into the database putting my steam id and the rank i want. I leave the game and rejoin and im still not the donor rank.

everything is in the right place and everything in the scripts were set up correctly i dont know what might be wrong :confused:

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What addon are you using?

One that was uploaded to code hire a while back the guy who made it changed his steam :confused: I could paste some code though not all of it? the bits you need?

If you have DarkE’s then make sure you’ve edited the config.php on your webhost to change the group

Nope it looks like a copied version of something off codehire to be honest, my friend compared his to mine

Is it this?

yes donation systems are essential to playing the game

Well I mean it could affect people on the server. It could give them perks and such that would alter the gameplay of one.

(Dat pikachu doh)

This isn’t the forum for developer help.


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Im not seeking developer help mate, If you read the “developer” Changed steam accounts and left his old details. So now that i need help i cant even contact him cause i dont know what his new account is.

This subforum is for problems with PLAYING garrysmod, for server support go to

That should give you all your answers. = Free Webhost

The mysql servers are not externally accessible (your server can’t access the database)

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You’re welcome in advance.

You say it’s from Coderhire, though you don’t know which script? Sounds to me like you didn’t purchase it?

I dont have paypal or a debit card at the moment my friend knows more about this stuff than me he said it cost like 10.00 pound so i gave it to him and he pretty much got me crap :confused: it seems like he redistributed an old script of his to me for a quick 10 quid. Although he doesnt even use gmod apart from an odd day or two

Sounds like you got sold a script that he downloaded for free probably.