Donations store/tab thing.

I was wondering if anyone has a link or something to a donations shop ingame for my darkrp server. Like, If someone presses F5, A donations page opens for like, VIP, Points etc.

No douchebag comments.

I have one however it requires MySQL and isn’t cheep.

I know, They cost £25 each. And I have MySQL.

Do you know where I can get it from?

Well, if you just have a code created real fast where when pressing F5 or typing !donate it loads up a webpage, where they do all the donations, then that would work.

That just leaves you getting the auto-donation system.

Can you even use F5 for such things?

Just do something like:
hook.Add( “KeyPress”, “OpenDonationMenu”, function( ply, key )
if key == KEY_F5 then
– Umsg or net to open the menu here.

Exactly, it’s like how my achievement system opens with F6.

I don’t know why people use/buy other peoples donation systems.
It’s fun, you can modify it at own will and make it fit your likings.

because they can’t do it theirselves?

I could try and code it, But my lua experience isn’t very good.

I can code u instant donation processing for 150 US dollars including web shop portion. I have made 200 dollars in 2 weeks using it on my servers.

add me on steam my name is the same as it is here

It was on YOUR server. Not his. You’re probably offering something that is making people interested in it. I suggest for the OP to go to Lua Scripter/Hire thread and look there.

150 dollars? In pounds thats like… £70.

Dude I’d rather just code it myself then spend £70 on a donations thing.

It would require PHP, MySQL and a little bit of lua. This isn’t something you can just learn in a few days, there are tutorials though but you’ll most likely have to edit them.

You must be retarded if you think someones going to pay you $150 for something like this. PayPal’s API is open source and the only portion that should be charged is the HTML/PHP. Your so called ‘price’ is not worth going for, something like $30-$50 is more appropriate.