Donator Item Suggestion

I was wonderinf if you guys could think of any ideas for donators that I haven’t already thought of…

What I have Now:
Give Points for the PointShop
Discounts for PointShop
Extra Player Models to Use
Chat/ Rank Tags
Free PowerUps
Access to the Fun Menu

If you guys have any more ideas please sure :smiley:

I’m pretty sure i’m right in saying that this section of the forum is dedicated to lua problems and problems related to running gmod or the development of gmod. Since you’re not engineering a huge game mode or program that will benefit the gmod community I would probably consider this as inappropriate to post here.

This kind of question should be posted to your server community. Look at what other people post, its not hard to get banned here so try not to, its a good place to receive help and check on the latest developments of gmod. Even if it seems hostile and cold hearted at times.