Donator Job Help

Hey, everything is working with my donator jobs, there is just one small thing I would like to change. I have a custom scoreboard, which shows the rank of you under the name. Lets same I was a superadmin, it would say:


When I am a donator, it still says user though. In the bottom left, in my hud, it says nil. Is there anyway to make it say “Donator”? Thanks

You would need to add the unique name for that donator rank into the hud script that detects ranks.

here is an example using elegant hud from scriptfodder.

local Ranks = {}
Ranks["founder"] = "Founder"
Ranks["owner"] = "Founder"
Ranks["superadmin"] = "Super Admin"
Ranks["admin"] = "Admin"
Ranks["mod"] = "Moderator"
Ranks["moderator"] = "Moderator"
Ranks["donator"] = "Donator"
Ranks["vip"] = "Donator"
Ranks["diamond"] = "Donator"
Ranks["platinum"] = "Donator"
Ranks["silver"] = "Donator"
Ranks["gold"] = "Donator"
Ranks["special"] = "Donator"
Ranks["user"] = "Normal"
Ranks[""] = "Normal"

I’m assuming you’re script will have something similar to detect ranks however it may be that your’re script only detects default darkrp ranks such as ply:IsSuperAdmin() or ply:IsAdmin().