Donator Jobs and NPC Selling

Ok so I have tried several times to do donator jobs all ending with a crash. I use ulx so I did what you would usually do with chat tags and added the if ulx player group is = then there tag is x but for x be being able to be that job.(Obviously not the code i put just to make it more understandable for some people) Also I have been trying to add a npc shop to sell cars. BUT people might say thats easy but i also want it to save so people can come back in the game and have it right there. can ANYONE help? :frowning:

Steam Name: SaintlyDemonic
Server IP(Ill always be on in case you don’t want to add me):

Edit: I wanted to have this done by Christmas day as a gift to the people of my server because they keep asking for it.

You need to specify how exactly you’re going about the jobs system, and what gamemode you’re running. You should also post some extra information on your issue, and what console is giving you.

Well I deleted all the files i had that didn’t work(I know retarded) But I figured out the jobs problem i forgot a coma . But the NPC I just don’t know where to even start. I was hoping people would help or create a custom script. I’m also running a DarkRP server.

Nobody is going to make you a custom store or NPC addon for free. Either learn lua, or hire a coder, such as myself, to make a system for you.

Also, giving someone admin or ranks doesn’t amount to payment.

Would you be able to fix up or create a NPC shop that will sell cars and keep them in a database or something to save it to the server so when the player comes back on they will have it again? Also a couple more little things such as drug dealer growing weed and selling to a npc that sells seeds ect? If so name a price and if I think it is decent I will pay you. If you dont respond in 2 hours I will take it as you dont care and I will find someone else. This offer is open to anybody that’s willing and offers the best price

How about you tell me exactly what you are even willing to spend.

How about you tell me a offer as If i told you how much I would offer you would just jack it up