Donator Points

I need a system where in darkrp you can buy donator jobs with donator points and when you buy a donator job it saves your info to the server that you can be this job. any other donator job you have to buy you cant go into a donator job without buying it it will say do you want to buy this job and then how much it costs.

How i want the DonatorPrices.lua to look like:
Team_Job(“500”) – This means This job costs 500 Donator Points

And what do we get?

I already have a script that restricts jobs to a VIP group. I can modify this for you for a fee of say £10?

Ask and you shall receive… something that is.
I will either pay you or make you Donator and Respected on my server your pick.

Edit: Sintwins would you accept the cash equivilant in USD ($12.90)

Ok, but according to google £10 = $15.4173 :smiley:
Add me on steam my name is sintwin.

Get your currency right, the E indicates British pounds, not Euro.

Also, if you’re in America, refrain from using other currencies, you’re costing yourself money.

How is he costing himself money?

I said if he’s in America and offering Euro/Pound as currency, that’s costing him more money in USD. It honestly seems like everyone around here using pounds, even Americans.

You are not really going to pay 10 pounds for a lua script, are you?

People have paid a lot more than that.

Well I would still ask for the same amount as I would want the same value.

Lua scripts can be worth a lot more and if you want one specially tailored to you which will be exclusive to your server and of a high quality then £10 isn’t a lot to spend.

im only going to pay because i dont have any other choice… no one else wants to help.

May I remind you of things like Nexus/kuroscript/etc