Donator printers give error

So I tried to make one of my printers donor only, so I put the customCheck in and it looks like this:

AddEntity("Printer Tier 5", {   --- The name that will show in your F4 shop
    ent = "k_printer_t5",   --- The exact folder name for the printer
    model = "models/props_lab/reciever01a.mdl",    --- The model you want shown in your F4 shop, can be anything really
    price = 7500,  --- How much it costs
    max = 2,  --- How many you can buy
    cmd = "buyprinter5"  --- A chat command to buy it, dont manually put in a / or  !
    customCheck = function(ply)return ply:IsUserGroup("donator") or ply:IsUserGroup("superadmin")

But whenever I start the server I get this error in return:

[ERROR] addons/darkrpmodification-master/lua/darkrp_customthings/entities.lua:50: '}' expected (to close '{' at line 44) near 'customCheck'
1. unknown - addons/darkrpmodification-master/lua/darkrp_customthings/entities.lua:0

All the printers worked fine before I added the customCheck and I can’t see what is wrong with it. All the printers disseapeard from the f4 menu!

Missing comma after cmd = “buyprinters”