Done with this game. Tired of wasting my time

It took me many hours to build up my survival gear, only to have it wiped clean in seconds by a hacker. Many hours (30+) of my time have been completely wasted due to blatant cheaters with ESP enabled. Why are these hacks allowed to exist?

Gotta love it when a guy with a brand new steam account hops in and starts cheating their asses off.

I’m done with this game unless some action is taken about this. Rust really needs to implement an anti-hack system because this is infuriating…

30+hours already quitting!? Lol! 800+ not a dull moment yet!

Thanks so much for your helpful and insightful comment. I really appreciate it!

Since you’ve apparently not paid any attention to the development blog, the forums, or even maybe the steam news, you got exactly the response you deserved.

I have. Where is the part where I get my 30 hours back?

I installed this game about 5 months ago. I left because a hacker killed me. I reinstalled 5 months later, and then another hacker killed me. No improvement.

Try going on and reading the devblog. Better yet go on the experimental branch. Until you’ve been on both you can’t say shit about the state of the game.

Since mid-March, all development focus has been on the experimental branch, which is a fresh start. The old version of Rust isn’t being updated anymore. As detailed thoroughly on the official playrust blog. Which you say you’ve paid attention to.

And the experimental branch, in addition to VAC and Cheatpunch, both anticheat tools, it’s running Easy Anti Cheat, another, more active layer of anticheat measures.

No game is 100% hacker proof. However, the old version wasn’t designed to be secure against hacking at all, because the devs didn’t expect Rust to sell more than maybe 20,000 copies, and they’d have a year or so to tidy up the code and harden it against hackers. Instead they sold about 1.6 million in six months. The old version simply wasn’t up to the task of keeping up with the demands caused by that level of popularity, so it got abandoned for a fresh start that can be designed for the current conditions: Tons of people owning Rust, lots of hackers as a result.

Also, the game is in alpha. You shouldn’t expect long-term progression to persist. In alpha, wipes can come at any time without any warning or consent from you, erasing everything you’ve done. Hackers, as much as they’re shitlords, are just speeding up the loss process. The sooner you come to terms with losing all your stuff at this early stage, the happier you’ll be.

The side benefit of hackers at this stage of the game is, the faster they exploit glitches and bugs, the sooner they’ll get patched out. If nobody tried hacking in Rust until it was three months away from taking the Early Access tag off, the game would have absolutely unbearable hacking problems while going into a full launch.

Thanks for your post. You articulated your points well.

holding my breath. :rolleyes:

How come I’ve seen no way of accessing this experimental branch? Maybe I’m just dumb and haven’t found it on Steam to install? Or is there some other method of accessing it?

I can give you some good advice; ‘You should probably wait a nother 5 months before you try agian’

Explained on the official development blog on, incidentally. Also, your keys may unbind themselves when you switch back to the old version after trying the experimental. This is known to happen, just go into the options and reset them. You’ll know they’re unbound if you can’t move when you log in, but your mouse works, because your movement keys aren’t bound to anything.

And btw how are you so sure that the ones that killed you or raided you aren’t simply legit players ? I mean you have 30hours , there are many tricks that I doubt you learnt that fast( I also doubt the fact that you researched the game a lot before buying it because you would’ve found out that there is a decent number of cheaters atm but they will be dealt with it in time with the new anti-cheat and other new security measures they will implement) Someone shooting you from 240 range with a bolt action rifle isn’t cheating for example so don’t yell cheats the second that happens.

… Its not like they have 2 anti cheats already…

i’m 200% sure you will go back to rust when the experimental gets fully playable ( hell you’ll problably go back to rust in a few hours or days -_- ).

OP i wont bash,hate or dumb vote you because most of us (if not all) been there. Everyone here knows how you feel about bugs,problems,hackers etc.

But instead of mass raging we came here and noticed that garry is keeping us updated with everything they are doing ( god lord if you check his twitter you’ll even know that besides being a game dev he’s a nice guy as well).

They are updating the trello and the experimental branch on daily basis. I used to get super pissed/angry when i saw a hacker but now the only thing i think about it is " EAC will rape you bitch ". I also used to get pissed when i noticed a bug that was not fixed for months but now… i realised they fixed this on experimental branch and i was being a jerk for not realising i bought a game on pre-alpha and those bugs,those problems were all part of the packet and our job as beta tester ( yes, job ) is to report as many problems,bugs we can.

If you dont have the will to do this, if you cant understand what pre-alpha means and what they are doing now you should always stay away from beta games and check rust sometime later because this game is going to be AWESOME

Source : I used to be a jerk like OP but now i’m cleaning garry toilet so he can code more relaxed.

PS: Most of those hacks you see on daily basis are merely exploiting some bug on the game. Most of those hacks will be gone sooner or later. Dont worry about it and just enjoy rust while checking how the dev is going.

Man If I left every game I ever got killed by a hacker… I’d be playing on a console again.

No you wouldn’t the amount of console hackers is crazy high as well. You would be back on consoles before online multiplayer like the SNES and Sega genesis. Not that its a bad thing.

Bust out the Nin64 from storage eh.

Out of curiosity, what makes you convinced the person who raided you had an ESP hack enabled?

Bye, we wont miss you.