Donkey Kong & Diddy Kong from Smash Bros Brawl

Hello there!

For the longest time now I’ve hoped that someone would port Donkey Kong and Diddy from Brawl. Sadly no one has yet to do so. Would anyone be willing to port these guys? I know there is a Donkey Kong already available, but I love the details and textures of this DK much better and I have yet to find a Diddy model. Face posing would be great, but it’s not required if it would be too much trouble.

It’s something I’ve considered. Likewise with porting the Diddy model from Mario Party 9 to go with my DK model.

Brawl Vault has a complete backup everything extracted from the SSBB ISO, even the fighters too.
Super Smash Bros. Brawl Extracted ISO
Download Brawlbox from here:
The rest you’ll have to Google search and figure it out yourself because I can’t export models successfully.
To me, Trying to export the models from the .brres format is a pain. I tried poly hacking ZS Samus but BRRES viewer crashes every time I try to view it. I will have to try vertex hacking sometime.

I also want Candy Kong.

Well here’s some good news and some bad news.

Good news is there is a Diddy model (from Sports Mix) and the bad news is that he’s much too large compared to Donkey Kong. While I’d much prefer the Brawl models, just shrinking this Diddy down to proper size would suffice.

hmm… i have been thought to be port Brawl Donkey Kong, somehow. just somebody asking me.

Do you need them rigged? I can rip the models just fine, and I should be able to have the rig with them (Brawl rig). What format?

I’ve already got the rigged models, BrawlBox works well for that. Granted you have the right DAE plugin version.