Don's Thugs out in the cold.

White guy: It’s Never Been This Cold.

Black guy: No, Never Ever.

If you know where this quote is from, I will poop myself.


Also: C&C

posing looks stiff, but so does all valve models
snow lacks depth and a little too dark
those are probably the things you want to improve

Protip: Don’t use models from before 2006 for Screenshots.

Seriously, you can do a lot better with what’s been made or ported for Gmod.

why not, its now how the model looks but how you use them :]

I’ve just seen them raped over and over with shitty reskins since Gmod came out, it annoys me to the point of suicide. :suicide:

The snow lacks depth. Use more than one layer and put some behind the characters, some in-front. Also use depth-of-field on it and make it different sizes to show how far it is from the camera.

Oh hey, that’s me near the camera.

Wait, that’s your skin, i just found these models in my models folder, so i decided to play around with them.

Don’s thugs eh?

Different Don.

Yeah I figured. I was just being an ass. :smile:

I’m going to take a shot at guessing that quote. Max Payne?

I know the pose makes me think of part of the game.

Pants have been pooped.



Also, i love you.



It’s good, but…
The posing looks stiff.
Snow does not fall like that.
The snow looks like it’s just falling in one spot.


Also, is the part your thinking of the part when your standing on a fire-escape and your looking down on two guys in the same position as the above?

Indeed it is.

That is where the quote comes in.

So insignificant, yet so memorable.

That just shows how great that game is.

It does.

I want to reinstall and play it again but my CD is broken :saddowns:

I am deeply sorry for your lots.


Also, buy it on steam.