"Don't be hesitated, please come in."


Simple small room:

My god. beside the white outline that us amazing! Nice job!

That girl must be hardcore if she’s got a varren action figure.

Wish my action figures were that detailed. :saddowns:
Very awesome pic brah. Isolation is a little off in a few places, but other then that, the idea, editing and execution is pretty much spot on.

Most original stuff I’ve seen in a while.

That’s really, really clever. Kudos.

Oh, the posing is a bit stiff! :v:

No seriously, I love the idea, very original.

Reminds me of that one Dexter’s Lab episode.

Thank you for all kind words and advices. I’ll keep it for improvement.

Awesome pic

“Don’t be hesitated” is kind of odd to me, though. I’d use “Don’t hesitate,” or at the very least, “Don’t be hesitant.”

Well, that’s because I’m pretty sure “Don’t be hesitated.” isn’t proper English. I’ll admit, when I saw that I thought it would be an absolute crap pose. Then I entered the thread and got my mind blown. Very nice.

Well if you think about it, it makes sense kinda, she’s a little girl after all.

Dont mind, if I’m not good at english, but I’m trying to avoid bad title. Thanks btw =)

I like how the little girl is (presumably) setting up a sex scene

notice the pizza on the table
it’s a pizza delivery guy porno


Clever idea! I really like it!

great idea, and nicely done!
where can I get this girl mode?

You mean a big girl?
I took 3 pics, Zoey, table with stuffs, and table with a girl in same camera. Then, I expanded the size and set as background, deleted some excess parts and put Zoey by using free transform in PS.

For Zoey Model

A girl in background found in Silent Hill Mega Pack

many thanks!