Don't be stupid. (Combine Health and Safety poster)

I just downloaded the Proto_Citadel_Incinerator map and after a little playing around (mostly chucking large props into the burners) I spawned a slide and the idea spawned from there.

The original is unfortunately lost.
The map:

I was going to download that earlier today to make rope bridges and get 10 Kleiners to try survive on it :smiley:

Personnel who wishes to file a complaint are to report to the Execution department.

Walks into the Execution department Hello, I have a complaint, the happy fun slide at the Incinerator burned my arm off.

Back on topic.
The picture is good, the editing is good and the concept is rather original.

The one thing I just noticed is that I spelled Negligence with an E instead of the I.

This is gonna be so fun bo-



Got the idea to make another one.

The map is dm_citadel