Dont be Stupid with your codelocks.

Just a fair warning and a hint to fellow players. If you have been griefed by some people and are certain they are total douche bags, take a chance and try 6969 as the code to their base, it might just work.

2am, 4 friends and I are ready to call it a night, we decide to scope out a rival base who are dominating the area with their base 100m from the globe. It was a huge base designed very well against C4 with sheet metal walls surrounding it. It would have taken at least 20 - 30 C4 to get near their loot rooms.

We had no intention on raiding them, but thought we’d go have a look… One guy in our clan said “These guys are douches, try 6969 on their code” It fucking worked!!!

We helped ourselves into every room and emptied every single crate, we hit the mother load without firing a single bullet or using any C4. 350 explosives, a shit tone of guns and pretty much anything you could ever want. Win of note!

Moral of the story, if they are douches, try 6969 :smiley:

“designed very well against C4 with sheet metal walls surrounding it”

what ?

The base was honeycombed with a layer of sheet metal walls surrounding the compound

C4 rips through sheet faster than stone or armored.

They would have been better off with a layer of high exterior stone walls directly wrapped around their building, shit soaks up like 5-6 c4.

Yip, we thought the same. Looks cool though.

I’ve tried 6969 on every code lock I come across, haven’t unlocked one yet.

I remember back in gmod darkrp anyone with a squeeky kids voice had 1337 as their moneyprinter room keypad password

Well… sometimes between 1985 to 2000 usually works (wouldn’t be the last)…
Or people who’s code is in a sign painted saying: “Code is XXXX”…

Don’t forget 8008 because, “hur hur boobs”.

Add 1337 to the list, not as common but ironic when it works.

and any number between about 1985-2000 (birth years)

Those are all common codes. I’ve gotten into a few bases using those.

1985-2006 would be more realistic …

I always make my codelocks 0451.

Please tell me that’s a troll and not your actual code

Oh, thats a very secure code. I gonna use it, too.

I believe it is safe to say that we should all use that code.

0451 - how did you all guess my secret code???

^ Missed the reference :tried:

I don’t get it…