"Don't Believe in Garry's Mod"

EDIT: The account which contains the video was closed by a hacker, luckily, we saved the “Wassup” part from the video, then here it is:

It was good. Not great, but good.

It had nice editing ^^ and some parts were quite good.

I would give you a nice 10, it was good, funny, and good editing :slight_smile:

Lol at Hidden message.

Nice eiditing :smiley:

Nice editing, nice jokes, nice music, pretty good, I give you a 4/5!

The video made me laught is too funny congratulations.
I want to know the name of the Gman’s office song

I liked it, simalar style to idiots of gmod, but with lots of original things. And well edited, no wmm, I hate WMM videos.

How is it similar to them?

hey a note stop using the cs militia bottles after looking closer all I think now is Poison

Haha, that was pretty funny, good editing too :slight_smile:

Thanks, and read the description/credits, all songs’ names are there.
Monkey Developers - Digital Droo

And thank you all for positives feedbacks


I’m posting this to say that the topic was updated, the account which contained the video was closed by a hacker, if anyone might downloaded the video, contact me by PM.
Thanks, and I’m sorry.

That was pretty awesome.

mega bump, but what ever. This video was really well made and funny. I was gona do this for a new movie :(. I guess I can still do it but id seem kinda weird

theirs about 5 other versions of this… and they’re all the same, boring, and annoying to see.

The other ones were made only with photos, too easy and too boring.