Don't bother playing for enjoyment

For anyone interested in purchasing or trying this game, be aware that cheating, exploiting and hacking are running rampant, and that you WILL be a victim at one point or another. Feel free to play the game for testing purposes, since this is alpha, but that base that you spend 15 hours building will get wallhacked, and you will lose all of your stuff (people will try and claim that others will replace doors/walls after a raid, while this does happen, it is incredibly rare, and these people are in DENIAL). When you finally manage to get a full suit of your own high level armor and weapons, you WILL lose them all to an aimhacker (who you probably wont even see because he will either be moving too fast or flying 80 feet above you).

Just a heads up. Don’t go into the game expecting any enjoyment. While you may feel some at some point, it is only temporary, and when you become the victim of cheating, you will realize that all the time you spent in the game was completely wasted.

or play on a admin controlled public server :smiley:

Official ones are pretty overrun with hackers

They see me trollin’…

I’ve already done everything, but I find starting over fun. You can only go around blowing up people’s houses and shooting rock wielding naked men for so long…

Agreed, the most exciting time for me is starting fresh on a server and trying to get a 1x1 with a metal door up and running before I get killed. Much more fun if the server has been recently wiped, but fun regardless.

I’ve never seen an obivous hacker, and I don’t play on official server.

Oh, and if you are worried about wasting time, you shouldn’t be playing games in the first place.


What?? Cheating in online games?? I thought it was a rumor.

You might as well just put the title as (OMG HAXOR ON THE SERVER RUINED MY BASE) and just get banned for shitposting and trolling.

I’ve put over 200 hours into the game and have never seen a cheater… much less been killed or bothered by one.
Also, people do replace doors and walls after a raid, we (I) love to see threads like these lol.

EDIT: not sure what this guy is “disagreeing” with… since this is all personal fact lol.

There was one time I thought i was killed by a hacker, but then I realized he was just a boss with a pipe shotgun. Crazy moves yo!

I wonder how the topic-creator is IRL… must be awfull

Problem is, even here, hackers dont get removed until they’ve already done damage.

Well that just says it all don’t it… OFFICIAL servers are overrun. If official servers don’t give us a snapshot of the state of the game, what else would?

I’ve banned around 4 hackers on my server since december. Active admin usually keep them away. They will seek out easier servers to target or just play on official servers because they don’t offer any admin.

So, will you be buying another alpha and expecting a fully polished product, StupidGimp?

Well… yeah, because they haven’t actually done anything until they’ve cheated. You can’t pull someone over for speeding before they do it.

You can thank Obama for this.