Don't Break the Law

They will hunt you down.

Those SWAT guys look a little too casual.

Might be because they are used to it.

That guy in the car looks so… ordinary. His pose I mean. He’s driving like nothing is happening… I think he should be leaning forward, seize a wheel… He’s trying to save his life, so he should be all strained, now he looks like he just got his driving licence, and sitting straight before the wheel…

It’s only now I realize that. :frown:

The SWAT guys don’t look like they’re on the front of a thing going 60mph. They look awfully relaxed.

Is that a fucking train?

“Hmm, it’s another day chasing another moron.” -Officer 1

“Sigh, this job gets boring.” -Officer 2

I want that job.

Running over pedestrians with Gigantor Train-Car never gets old :smiley:

Nope… Kinda makes you wanna, break into song?


Is all the red crap supposed to be paint or something?

I love the death trains,

Imagen a hostage Situations with trains XD

They crush people nice…