Don't buy gamemodes

It’s the most fucking stupid thing ever. Buying a gamemode.

I’d understand if the gamemode would have price like 80$ maybe 100$ but fucking 300$? For a piece of stolen lua shit that will get broken?

Let’s assume you want to buy the gamemode. Here is the list of things that you can buy for those money.

- A teacher that will get you better with Lua and C++.
- Make a party with a lot of delicious food.
- Get yourself a guitar and learn how to play it (it's awsome, believe me)
- Buy yourself a Gmod server (public one or a clan one).

People buy gamemodes?
That’s fucking stupid.

Not again.

Hahaha are you talking about when PERP was closing down and they had the code up for sale? People did buy it, so yes people are stupid.

I thought it was against the rules to sell gamemodes/addons for money.

(Also, what do you mean “for the last time” first time i asked for it…)

For the last time I’m gonna state this…

No. It’s not illegal. Theres several documents stating in the Valve games, that all money made from this game is to the respectful owners of the gamemode, blah blah blah, and all money sent to Valve is of donation.

I know it’s against the terms of service to use Source to make games and then sell them commercially without licensing it, so mods can’t be sold. I’m sure this is the same, but I’m not familiar with the TOS in Gmod. So I can’t be sure.

ah well… you need to be fucking stupid to buy gamemodes. like Tacosheller said.

It’s not stupid buying gamemodes if you have no talent at coding.
Which is why people sell gamemodes.
The owners of the server make money if successful (although unlikely) and sometimes even a profit.

It seems pretty normal to me.

Unless the gamemode has something “Really big and new”


Its worth it… If your proprely organized, and you have connections… you could end up with a large community on your hands and earning triple of what you spent in donations.

Don’t buy the gamemode, buy the coder. Instead of paying out of the ass for a gamemode, which the creator will not support you on (PERP2), or will usurp with a new one in a few months time after hype of the current dies down (Kuroscript/ Nexus). Pay for the scripter, that way you get exactly what you want at a fairer rate in most cases. And get support on the script.

None of the gamemodes that go on sale do, that’s the problem. They are all RP modes which are pretty much the same shit with a new UI. Conna is especially fond of this, he will make one script, sell it for $300+ a pop, and then about a year later (sometimes months) shut down the authentication server and release a new gamemode, which is mostly copy/ paste of the previous and a new UI. He repeats this cycle constantly, and yet idiots still buy them. The gamemodes aren’t even that good.

Point me article and clause.

Look at it this way. What you’re buying here is a modification of a paid licensed game based on middleware sales from Garry to Valve. If I may remind you, Valve keeps 50% of all of GMod’s profit. They didn’t give Garry the engine for free, he isn’t sending Valve the money as a “donation”, and the money he wins due to the sales of GMod aren’t even remotely entirely his.

Let’s look at different applications for this, shall we? A WoW private server. The server binaries aren’t even Blizzard’s IP at all, only the maps are, and even with that, Blizzard won a lawsuit against a private server provider who made 3 million bucks of profit, for 88 million.

What Conna and so many others are doing is taking Garry’s and Valve’s IP, and marketing through shady deals as an original product worth 300 bucks or more. They are selling a product that cannot be copyrighted ( Would be interfering with Valve’s and Garry’s ), and that the licenses available for it to be protected in a court of law won’t allow the sale of it to third parties on the first place.

In the case that Valve would want to actually put any of this scammer clowns in a lawsuit, I can guarantee you that no judge in any country would even remotely plead in favor of said clowns, who would then have to pay thousands of dollars in damages. And trust me, the idea of them getting sued is not far from fiction.

The only way I’ll ever be happy with these people is if they donate part of their money to charity, or keep it open source. Conna was almost doing the right thing by releasing the source of Nexus, until he took down all the servers and released a new gamemode that is exactly the same shit for 6 times the price of an average retail game.

Hah, yeah, please point me to any community that has won anything close to 500 bucks in donation money.

Want me to? Though I entirely agree with nearly everything you just said, the last part isn’t correct. [GU] had made almost $1,500 because it costed $5 to APPLY, yes, apply, for the clan, and if you weren’t accepted (which usually is the case) THEY KEEP IT! And people continually did it! There were roughly 100 [GU] members, I believe? 80 probably paid, the rest were creators / close friends, so 80 x $5 = $400, and about 200 applications total, 200 x 5 = $1,000. Then, you add non-self-benefiting donations (the $5 was considered a donation so they weren’t obliged to return it) which is at least $500, with profits around $100-$250. That’s $1,100 - $1,250 in profits! I’m glad to see those cheap-asses go down the drain since they were royal douches to their regulars (ala me) with which they banned a lot, and when you are unbanned, your title was “faggot”.

Oh yeah, Nox! Nox had the gold and diamond membership along with the clever silver points for ingame items which were pretty cool. I don’t feel like doing the math but they had upwards of $750 for sure.

Yeah, that’s not a donation. The PERP owners made a fortune out of VIP perks. The difference here is what is being sold. The PERP guys aren’t doing anything illegal ( Unless there is a tax for such operations ) because they’re not selling their software, or any sort of wares at all, it’s merely a service. That’s why you can buy for example, Garry’s Mod servers on places like XenonServers, because they’re not charging for the server files but for the hosting fees.

Is it a bad deal? Yes. Is it illegal? No.

Now, why can’t Conna do the same thing and say that he’s charging for the fee of doing the gamemode? Because he isn’t, he’s selling you the gamemode, which is the same for everybody. You may have it customized, but in essence, the product being sold here, is the gamemode script.

Someone PM’d me and said he fixed GmodRP and wants to sell it for 10 euro.:downs:

Mine own version is better anyway.

But FUCK… 100+ $ for a fucking gamemode with a shiny UI?

People pay this much money because people can potentially make a lot more money from say VIP purchases / donations and etc.

If you have a fun gamemode and a lot of people play it you WILL make money.

Here’s a hint; never, ever buy a gamemode from Conna. It should be common sense but people still keep doing it. He puts backdoor scripts in everything, and pays more than any reasonable price should ever be in the first place.

Oh, and once he’s got a newer version of his gamemode(s) done, he’ll use the backdoors in the gamemode you bought to shut you down, maybe fuck up your computer. And he’s still sitting there with your $300+, not giving a damn.

Not this bloody thread again.

Why would you buy a script made by a 3rd party that costs more than an average game? (50 - 60$)