Don't Buy HFB Here is why. Any suggestions on new server hosters?

Any suggestions on multiplay and oir nitrous server hosters?

Took around 10 hours for them to reply and they give me this…

Plenty of people have given good reviews on Nitrous but I have a high priority ticket still waiting for a response after 13 hours. My server is completely inaccessible.

O wow So what do you think about multiplay?

You should ask them how they know you’re the target of the attack… as of now everyone is bound to the same IP so I’m assuming there are multiple game servers running from that same IP and machine.

I switched from multiplay…good servers, but unless they changed server control, as far as wiping/updating, it wasn’t very good. (IE. couldn’t update the server after patches, had to wait for them to do a sweep.)

Not going to even argue with them they take hours to respond to your ticket im making a dispute on paypal and switching to a new server hoster.

I use FPSplayers and just rented a second server from them. Semi quick support, can wipe the server yourself through FTP or the file manager, stays current with oxide, and if you see something wrong or need access to a certain log file they work to provide it to you. As a note, the ones supporting the rust side also play rust and work with the other companies to apply any unusual fix’s that are found. I have heard Nitrous is good and is good but yea, any of them are better than HFB.

Thank my friend showed me this site too i might go with them.

I left FPSplayers because they have absolutly Zero DDOS Protection so their whole Datacenters can go offline and they just give the oh were sorry. what we need is somebody to become a GSP running OVH Hardware behind a 480 gigabit/s Firewall. I Honestly dont understand how ALL of these hosts. run on a basic 100 gigabit infrastructure and dont have ANY DDOS PRotection its very simple to get it and not complicated to mitigate. i dont see why they dont just buy already protected hardware.

Ive used both and i perfer Nitous as it lets gives me FTP access and Multiplay is very restive.

To me, it sounds like your server was causing a problem for yourself and others - and HFB was trying to resolve it - even waived their protection fees. Not sure if this was the best way to repay them, but you can do what you want I suppose.


  1. A “basic 100 GbE” setup is going to cost you a fortune. If you’re really willing to pay $199 / month / Rust server, I’m sure someone can hook you up. Most data centers won’t even deliver 100 gigabits to a rack, and if they do, you can count on at least $10,000 per month USD in bandwidth ALONE. A decent gigabit port runs about $50 - $1000 depending on your provider and whether or not it’s truly a gigabit port.

  2. Good DDOS protection isn’t cheap. The reseller that HFB uses in Dallas offers per-IP protection for $50 / month (sometimes on sale for $25 / month). But that’s only 20 Gb / 12M pps protection. That’s enough to stop a small DDOS against one server, but a large DDOS attack against one server, or multiple small attacks against different servers on the same IP, and that’s going to get overwhelmed. Really GOOD DDOS protection will set you back about $200+ per month, and that’s optimized for HTTP delivery where there’s a lot of lag tolerance compared to gaming. Gaming-optimized DDOS is far more expensive because latency is a big issue.

  3. OVH’s network, while improved in recent years, sucks. The DDOS is great - when the network is up. When it’s down, you’re out. And good luck with support - hope you enjoy waiting 20 hours for a response when your server can’t be reached!

But hey, if you think you can do it, why not start your own GSP?

I’m no fan of HFB, but your post was so full of crap I had to respond.

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I’m no fan of HFB, but…

…your server was getting DDOS’d and interrupting service to others, they bent over backwards to try to accommodate you at NO EXTRA COST, and this is how you thank them? Are you serious?

Please just quit the game, cancel your Internet connection, and go home. Your server getting DDOS’s is NOT their fault, and probably caused them to have to issue refunds to other customers for server downtime, yet they still tried to help you out FOR FREE.


They have 0 proof that it was his server getting DDoS’d like what was stated a few posts up, and while they did offer to move him to ONE location that has some extremely basic DDoS protection, they also included another location which does not have this protection. What is HFB gonna do once he gets DDoS’d on their new location? Ask him to move a 2’nd time? How about they get some decent protection, with all the customers they have they can surely afford some decent DDoS protection.
And the fact that they took 10+ hours to respond to such an urgent ticket is way more than enough to put me off from hosting with these people, as good as their servers are when they actually work, their customer support is atrocious. Also keep in mind, this is a rather popular Rust server, and now they suddenly want to move him to another location, thus changing his IP and thus ruining his whole playerbase as most people would be oblivious to the IP change and just think the server died.
that’s just my opinion really.

Also when I was helping Hich sort trough server hosts, he told me that the other locations they offer would give him (aswell as myself) a horrible and unplayable ping, so it’s just not that HFB is bad, it’s the fact that the other locations are simply not an option.

My server is back up i took everything i did back to HFB but still this should not happen i’m appoligizing to them on my ticket because im not that mad anymore since i have my server back up.

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Yes Basically how i feel But i don’t want to loose my IP and my Server. So i want to stay

Of course there’s proof, he might have the same IP but not the same port.


Sorry you had to wait so long for a reply, I believe all tickets older than 1 hour from now have been answered.


Kick him off. How is it HFB’s fault he’s getting DDOS’d?

Sure, as soon as you’re willing to pay $500 / mo for a Rust server I’m sure they can whip up some big-time DDOS protection. Until then, as much as I’m not a fan of HFB, there are limits to what they can be expected to provide and what they did here was totally reasonable. If you expect a totally DDOS-proof server for $20 a month then you have no idea what goes into protecting a network let alone providing a service.

Ive had a couple problems with them but they’re NOT major problems. 1.) Email took 48 hours (Email said 24 hours). 2.) Couldn’t downgrade Oxide from 1.8.2 to 1.7 because of all the bugs with the newest version.

If the situation is like people here claim it is (multiple servers on one physical server, behind one IP), the attacker isn’t going to use the bloody port number of the server anywhere in his attack.
He’s going to do a standard DNS reflection attack, because that’s the latest script-kiddie attack that easily provides 8x more bandwidth for the attack than you’re using as the attacker.

And that DNS traffic is going to hit whatever source port the attacker chose to forge, which is most likely going to be raTndom (don’t want to give script kiddies confusing options now do we?).
There’s a good chance other clients on the same box could have received a similar offer.

This just in, they claimed it other servers were the target of the DDOS too, in fact, HFB itself was being DDOS’d. SHOCK, someone got mad at the hosting company, there main webpage is down.