Don't dare you do this!

Recently I was playing engineer. And I had the same situation =(

You should make the Soldier look like he’s looking at the Engineer.

That, and the Soldier’s feet look weird. Probably that they’re not aligned correctly.

Your editing is really awesome.

Love your colors

the only thing I would complain about is the soldiers feet.

I dunno what you did to the saturation/contrast but it looks fucking awesome.

I’m loving the desaturation/colour-toning of the background and the desaturated vignetting.

I agree, I love the warm/cool color mix.

I think the soldier was a spy.
And he sapped the Dispenser.

The color tones are awesome, and the posing is very nice too!

His wrist looks kinda… broken.

It’s nice but it would’ve been funnier if the Dispenser got a Blue Screen of Death.

This is too excellent to die yet.