Don't delete my thread you crap admins SO MANY HACKERS don't buy this crap

I have the freedom of speech don’t delete my threads because you don’t like them admins. Your game is full of hackers already wouldn’t you of learned from warz to not let hackers run your games. Official servers are already dead because aim botter kill anything and destroy everyones base. It’s crazy if you have more then 4 people running around with you aimbotter instant kill you and blow up your entire base with c4. I paid 20 dollars for this crap game get your lazies butts in there and ban people doing wrong. Stop selling the hacks yourself to make more money You guys are fraud at it’s best. selling alpha servers to people LOL the game isn’t even playable with the hackers good luck trying to ban them from your server when they have weird letters in there name or no name at all.

(User was permabanned for this post ("You don't have freedom of speech on an internet forum lol. Remaking locked thread/terrible attitude" - postal))

yeah you have freedom of speech, but there is also hell of a lot of these threads out here so… :zoid: