"Dont dissapoint me now" The Aftermath

C&C please.


Why is she crying? She won.

Dunno. She doesnt have to be crying IMO, she could just be resting on her hands or something like that.


Lazy shadows on the gun holster.

If thats the only problem I be happy :buddy:

Since she beat the witch, she turns into one. Or something.

Pretty neat. Light from the left is my only complaint.
It is a bit annoying.

Try and get away from “one character on one side of the picture in the foreground, other character on the other side of the picture in the background”.

Gets real old, real quick.

Got it.
Gonna think of something else.

People told me more characters is better.

IMO the colors dont really fit the picture, can anyone confirm this?

I think they’re fine. Soft which is fitting to the aftermath. But the holster shadow could definitely use a bit more work.

One possible reason: That witch was her sister/mom/friend

Yeah, that’s the first thing that popped into my head.


Thanks :buddy: