"Dont dissapoint me now" Zoey saying her last words before getting slaughtered

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The lighting looks really good and it gives the picture a nice color contrast, I like it :slight_smile:

Wanna hug wanna hug wanna hug.

Awesome. But Zoey don’t know the meaning of the word fear. So she should look determent and slightly pissed off.

I highly doubt that you would stay all kewl when a witch would be hunting yah :P!
Thanks for commenting! :buddy:

Nice camera angle and contrast between the lighting on Zoey and the lighting on the Witch.

Really good faceposing on Zoey. The lighting is pretty neat too.

I love it when a picture has all dumb ratings and no bad comments

Thanks for the comment Chesty!:buddy:

Lol well, you are supposed to rate dumb if you like the picture as I stated in the OP!

Really nice picture, love the highlights. One thing: Some real bad aliasing on the pistol.

Why the dumbs?

I don’t get it with the dumb ratings. Have an artistic. I like this.

He stated it in the OP…

Oh… now I see… aww… and I gave this pic an artistic already… snip

I like it. Sexy lighting as usual.

Rated dumb

Because it is awesome.

um excuse me but why would any person ever be disappointed with the best handgun ever made :colbert:

I dont know shit about dem guns lol. I picked it randomly.

Thanks for all your comments people :buddy:! Really appreciate it!