Don't even try.

Tell me what you think.

Mind explaining to me what he’s doing with his hand? The engineer I mean.


OH wait his head is backwards. What.

The engineer’s sentry appears to already be destroyed.

Also, spy is disguised as spy?

how do you know that


This is the epic shit right there :dance:

Cause you can see the mask

why is the sentry clipping through the ground?
why is it so blurry-ish?

Engineer is pointing at the spy.

This guy downloaded a version of Gmod just after the Orange Box update, wich would explain why he has the old Sentry gun physics problem.


Sentry FAIL, going up?

Oh I get it, that’s what someone told you right before you attempted to make this pose.

The sentry gun no-clipped into the floor so when the engie dies the sentry comes up to kill the spy.
Nice Plan.

Wait what’s happening here.

It’s clipping through the floor because I duped it on another map and pasted it on 2fort. It would’t let me delete it.

It’s a funny idea but wasn’t executed well. Keep trying. :smiley:

This is…special…to be put nicely…