Don't forget about EU players!

The server has been screwed for about 5 days now it’s not possible to play a guy duped a shit load of c4 the other day destroyed our base in minutes and took everything now we are unable to eat due to being unable to cook food, we can’t craft weapons to kill zombies to get food due to no workbench. We are literally unable to survive.

Please give us a update!


(User was banned for this post ("search before you post" - postal))

Yep atm it is impossibel to play on EU Server.


Updated. <3

Updated yes, but no wipe yet :frowning:

Just please have some patience =) We are in Alpha! They are working on it.

My guess is that wiping the server is only a press of a button / deleting some things. Shouldn’t be THAT hard. But hey, atleast we have the update now - that’s progress :slight_smile:

Please, we all know we are in alpha.

Its about that US server gets the right patch, US server gets the wipe. EU just gets a broken server for now atleast 4 days.

I see no point not to wipe EU, NOW. There is no point and exactly because we are in alpha as you state, there is absolutely no point in not wiping now.

I dont get why the EU server has more problems then the US would have thought they be both as equally fixed & broken.