"Don't Forget Me." Black Mesa Machinima - Coming Soon.

I thought of this idea quite a while ago, and it was originally for a different mod, but I think it would work quite well with Black Mesa.

Here is the detail:

"This machinima is set in Black Mesa, it follows the story of a scientist called Norman Van-Croft who has been filming vlogs of himself everyday, There is going to be 20 episodes, the first one is just before the Resonance Cascade happens.

All the episodes are going to be Vlog recordings, he will take you through the events happening at Black Mesa, all the way to surviving against the Xen creatures, and barricading his room from HECU enemies.

Coming Soon."

What do you guys think?
I think it would be fun and simple to do, I’m going to have to lern2faceposer.

If anyone wants to take part, that would be great. :3

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You’ll gonna need a shitload of BMS’s models thar. :wink:

Oh yeah, definitely. :stuck_out_tongue:

More Info:

It’s inside a fixed room, Norman’s office, to be sure.

Three models of Norman:
1: Clean, normal.
2: Slightly bruised, dusty, no jacket.
3: Same as number 2, but a bit of blood, and no tie.

Close encounters with Xen creatures and HECU enemies.

And is eventually met by his unavoidable end when BM is nuked.

Timedates taken from Combine Over-Wiki. Whether or not they are correct, it’s the most accurate source I’ve found.

20 EPISODES!? I don’t think you’re gonna survive making the first half! prove me wrong.

This sounds interesting actually

It is interesting but I don’t think he would have the patience to make 20 episodes. no one has ever done 20 epiisodes single handed.

I would be very impressed if he pulled it off.

Sounds like a good concept. I would help you map Normans room but I am afraid of what the product would be.

its a good idea, but two things come into play.

Are you ready for a series? I mean do you have the resources, the commitment, the patience.
and do you have enough content,story,plot, and ideas to drag for 20 episodes?
20 episodes would total around, with a average run time of 2-4 minutes be, a full hour of just a guy in a office talking…

Added something :v:

What is up with his face in the picture you posted… His skin looks really… strange…

Anyways though… this actually sounds pretty cool if pulled off right

20 episodes is the aimed target.

And as well as talking in his office, which would be boring, he’s mentioning detail of what’s happened, having conflicts with enemies, and in 3 or 4 later episodes, he will be taking a camcorder with him outside of his office, and seeing enemies such as vorts, zombies, etc.

You know what, now that you guys mention it, 20 episodes does seem like an exaggeration, so I’ll just see how it goes, either way, it’s being made.

hmm…well…looks like your in luck…kind of…i put together a group of people to make machinimas a few weeks ago, we can help

ill message them

Is this going to be like Freeman’s Mind? Either way, I don’t care. This could have potential.

Have a rainbow.

I think it sounds like a fantastic idea. I love the idea of retelling the Black Mesa story from a new and perhaps ‘isolated’ perspective like Van Croft’s. (also I wouldn’t mind seeing the character attempt to escape in the later episodes)

If you need people to pitch in on the writing I’d be happy to lend a hand.

I would like to help… Need any and ill see if i can help

I’m glad some of you are interested. :slight_smile:

If anyone does want to help, message me.

We are in need of a modeller:
As soon as we have the 3 stages of the models (Clean, dirty [no tie], even more dirty and a bit of blood [no tie and jacket])

After they are done, we can crack on with getting this done!

Sorry for the double post.

Good luck.

this does sounds interesting as someone said its alike freemans mind and i loved that series (loves) and i am for sure gonna watch this !