Don't get stabbed

okay, haven’t posted anything in awhile,been out of ideas and stuffs

comments, i was disappointed by the lack of comments on my last thread

I don’t think a knife can pierce that much, the human body, but as i see you wanted to show that he is being stabbed. Also the editing looks wierd(emiting lmao)

it’s a katana :wink: yes, the editing does look a little strange in some places…but it was fun…=D

Very small katana.

Thank you for commenting, you each get a heart, everyone else…you’re just mean

its ok i guess il give you a tip, set layer options on the blood to color burn, and the blood will look awsome

Alright, thanks, a heart for you too =D

This pose is informative.
I didn’t know that :3:

=P me either

If it’s long enough

I rated you a wrench, because your post is very useful.
Now I will avoid getting stabbed.


Yeah, i learned it the hard way